Look some photos from the gallery

Look some photos
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Few word about the story of families of restaurateurs

My family has been managing the Trattoria San Giacomo for almost 50 years, a historic stone of the Bellagina tradition, over the years with passion and commitment, I managed to fulfill a small dream by opening the Aperitivo Et Al, a wine shop that offers wines, dishes hot, cold dishes and passion.

The ice cream parlor, Smooth Operators, came next to last, where I was able to try my hand at a more or less unknown part of the kitchen. Bilacus is the new challenge and I welcome you to my home

Aurelio Gandola comes from a three generation family tradition in catering. Nonna Giuseppina with Pope Edoardo (Gancio) and mother Margherita started at the Trattoria San Giacomo in Bellagio, Aurelio hangs out at the Trattoria for all childhood and after 9 years of various experiences abroad in 1999 he returns to Bellagio where after the death of Edoardo He begins to manage the family restaurant with his mother Margherita and his brother Mario. In 2014 he withdraws the Bilacus Restaurant from the Ostinelli family, continuing a tradition of good food and fresh products.

Discover more about Bilacus Restaurant in Bellagio, we use meat mainly taken from local butchers, possibly Italian meat and raised on non-intensive farms. In some cases, we use a low-temperature, vacuum-packed kitchen to preserve the tastes and properties of the product. We serve Cheeses from a well-known refiner who meets our flavors and passion.